Relaxation Packages

Winter//Fire Package

(December 1st-February 28th)

The session starts with a Lavender Foot Massage followed by a Raindrop Therapy Massage, dripping high quality Essential Oils along the spinal column and incorporating light and deep massage pressures to soothe the nervous system. It is followed by a Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones massaged along the back, neck, arms and hands. A cooling Peppermint Face Massage with Cold Stones, a Neck Massage with Hot Stones, and an invigorating Head Massage, help to relax the muscles of the face and head while draining the sinuses and improving lymphatic flow. Hot Stones are placed along the abdomen and legs before finishing with Hand and Foot Reflexology Therapy to ease you into a dozy, dreamy state.

Spring//Earth Package

(March 1st-May 31st)

The session begins with a warming Ginger & Cayenne Massage, and deepens with a Hot Stone Massage along the back and arms. Japanese Mint Oil is applied along the back and spine with Cold Stone Therapy dissolving body pain as the Calves & Feet are Massaged with Arnica. Arnica is a botanical traditionally used to relieve pain and swelling. Hot Stones are massaged along the back to warm and soothe before preparing for a Peppermint & Eucalyptus Face Massage. Peppermint Oil eases headaches as Eucalyptus Oil improves breathing. The face is gently massaged in a way to encourage sinus & lymphatic drainage and relieve jaw tension. A Hot Stone Neck Massage brings further relief from neck pain, headaches and jaw clenching. Warming Body Stones are placed along the front body and hands to deepen relaxation. Foot Reflexology enhances all body functions and relieves stress while Arnica Eases Foot Pain. The session is designed to increase natural pain-relieving endorphins and elicit deep relaxation.

Summer//Water Package

(June 1st-August 31st)

The Mandala Massage features varying depths of pressure, soothing concentric techniques and unrestricted breathing. Poses are held to quiet the nervous system and deepen relaxation. The Mandala Massage relieves tension in the feet, back of body and neck while calming digestion with a gentle abdominal massage. Prairie herbs, wildflowers and berries enhance this massage with their essential oils. Hyssop, spearmint, lavender and chamomile blend with juniper berry to offer a summery scent and dozy feeling. Magnesium oil is spritzed and smoothed over tired legs and calves, and a spearmint and lavender massage allows the head, neck and jaw to release clenching and mental chatter. The abdomen is gently massaged with chamomile essential oil to ease digestion and open the diaphragm for effortless breathing. Mandala Reflexology finishes the session with a soft touch, purposeful pressure and flowery massage for both hands and feet. Hot Stones are gently massaged into the feet to allow any additional tension to dissolve…

Autumn//Air Package

(September 1st-November 30th)

The session begins with a Hand Massage with Lemon & Mint essential oils and lightens with a Joy massage incorporating the mood stabilizing oils Lavender & Chamomile. The Joy Massage deepens with a Hot Stone Back Massage along the back and hips and a Calf Massage with Peppermint Oil to help ease leg and foot pain. The next phase of the massage is a Head Massage including Neck & Scalp with Blood Orange & Cinnamon essential oils. Warming Body Stones are applied along the abdomen and under the hands during the Hot Stone Foot Reflexology treatment. Lastly Reiki hand positions are gently posed along the Back of Head & Spine to ease any remaining stress. You’ll feel wonderfully dozy and glowy all at the same time!