Reflexology is an ancient method of foot massage based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other models of care. Each point in the foot is believed to correspond with various systems, organs and glands of the body. A Reflexology session is meant to be relaxing and invigorating. Stimulating the points in the feet at a gentle-to-moderate pressure encourages circulation throughout the entire body. Certain points in the feet may stand out as being more tender or requiring extra attention to relieve tension. These points may represent areas of inflammation or tissue weakness in the body. The various sensations a patient feels during Reflexology may also be indicative of where they currently or chronically carry stress. Reflexology elicits a relaxing effect on the nervous system and patients often feel sleepy. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activity and to encourage relaxation by taking a nap or a hot Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil post-session. If we walked barefoot regularly we’d achieve the needed stimulation and circulation to our feet from natural stones, sticks and uneven ground, the way animals do. A Reflexology session can mimic the massaging effect of a barefoot walk in the forest while offering the therapeutic benefit of touch. Reflexology points are also found in the hands and ears- massaging your hands and ears when stressed can be very beneficial.


I encourage my patients to increase their barefoot activities and to massage their own feet. I teach Self-Reflexology classes for those who wish to explore Reflexology further. I believe regular Self-Reflexology is a great way to connect to the self and encourages optimal health. If you are interested in learning Self-Reflexology I host a variety of classes throughout the year. Click the button below to see the classes that are currently available. If you have a group interested in learning together contact to schedule a private class.