About Amanda

I’ve had a keen interest in understanding the body since I was a child. I remember wanting to know how to soothe aches and ailments and sought out natural solutions. My mother would bring me to natural health practitioners when I was young and I was always fascinated by this alternative model of care. I became aware of how food influenced my general sense of health and mood. Nutrition, herbal remedies and relaxation therapies were what I found to be the most effective in encouraging a positive sense of well-being.

I have a delicate history with Reflexology. I went to several practitioners in my youth and found it to be painful and left the sessions feeling stressed. After 6 sessions with 3 different practitioners I decided I didn’t enjoy Reflexology. When I was 19 I went to an herbalist who asked if she could work on my feet and I politely declined. After she insisted, I gave Reflexology one last try. And it was delightful! At a gentle-to-moderate pressure my body responded positively and my symptoms improved. It made me question why I responded so poorly to my previous Reflexology sessions that were of a deeper pressure. I decided to study Reflexology and challenged my teacher on the depth of pressure used. I explained that if the pressure was so deep that a patient wanted to pull their foot away their nervous system would trigger a fight or flight response. I concluded that repetitive stimulation at a gentle-to-moderate pressure would allow the body to elicit a rest and repair response while simultaneously increasing circulation throughout the body. This is still the basis of my technique today and has been exceedingly successful. The belief of go big or go home does not work in harmony with a body that is already in pain. We need to change our mindset and be gentle and work in rhythm with our bodies, and that’s what Reflexology can do.

Saskatoon has been my home for nearly 30 years. I completed a beautiful 5000 hours of natural medicine studies throughout my travels to Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec. I bring to my practice a creative blend of Herbal Medicine, Holistic Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I completed my internship in Saskatoon and have had my practice here since 2011. I’m passionate about helping people manage stress and offering gentle solutions to better one’s health. I believe balance is achieved slowly, through quiet observation and reflection of one’s unique needs. I incorporate foot Reflexology into all of my sessions as it encourages stress relief and regulation of health and mood. It also helps me connect to my patients and offers insight into how they process their day. My sessions are personal and meant to be enjoyable. I do not place pressure to follow strict protocols or to make unattainable changes. I am here to listen and to educate in any way you may need. I am in love with the work that I do and I look forward to working with you.


Amanda Proznik, DNM RCRT Cl.H



Registered Doctor of Natural Medicine (SADNM)

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RAC)

Registered Clinical Herbalist (SCHA)

Wholistic Therapist (WRC)

Reiki Master (USR)